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About Us

At Radius Renovation Group, we partner with investors – like you – to provide rehab and renovation services that meet your unique needs. Whether you own one property or hundreds across different states, we protect and ensure the security of each property by adhering to strict building and safety codes. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality property renovation and repair services to increase property value and return on investment on time and on budget.

With the help of our expert project management team and documented client process, you will be kept up to date on the lifecycle of each project. Using our cloud-based software, you can login to your renovation project, viewing tasks and photos in real time. You can also submit change orders and send messages to the project management team, streamlining the process and boosting your ROI efficiency.

The Radius team has decades of construction and project management experience. Put our expertise to work for you today!


Charlie Nelson, Retired

Andy Schaeffer, Owner/ President

Reginald Daniel, Vendor Manager

Patrick Lott, Senior Project Manager

Kim Lorenzano, Billing/ Project Manager Assistant

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